Three Features to Track Your Progress and Maintain Consistency

At Proseable, we are committed to providing our users with the most effective and engaging language learning experience. To make good on that promise, we have developed three new features that cater to the diverse needs of language learners. These additions not only help track progress but also make the learning process more enjoyable and motivating. In this blog post, we will discuss each of these remarkable features in more detail.

Real-time Vocabulary Growth Tracking:

One of the most satisfying aspects of learning a new language is witnessing your vocabulary expand. Proseable now offers real-time vocabulary tracking, allowing users to visualize and measure their progress. The user dashboard will display a personal database of words used in a specific language, along with their corresponding Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level. This feature offers unparalleled insight into vocabulary development, allowing learners to identify areas in which they excel and those requiring additional focus. Over time, users can observe the growth of their linguistic repertoire and gain a better understanding of their language proficiency.

Comprehensive Leveling System with Experience Points:

Keeping learners engaged is vital in any educational endeavor, and language learning is no exception. To make the experience more dynamic, we have implemented a leveling system that covers 20 different language topics. Users now earn experience points each time they send messages on the platform, promoting a sense of achievement and encouraging more frequent practice.

This comprehensive leveling system allows users to not only monitor their overall progress but also evaluate their proficiency in specific topics. By incorporating these experience points, the feature enhances motivation and helps users remain focused on their language learning goals. As learners gain more experience points, they may unlock new features, further enriching their language acquisition journey.

Daily Streaks for Consistency

As with any skill, consistency is a crucial element in language acquisition. To help our users maintain a dedicated learning schedule, Proseable has incorporated a daily streak feature that rewards users for logging in every day and participating in language practice sessions. This simple yet powerful tool promotes the establishment of language learning habits and keeps users accountable for their progress.

In conclusion, Proseable's three new features – real-time vocabulary growth tracking, comprehensive leveling system with experience points, and daily streaks – offer a more dynamic and engaging language learning experience. By combining innovative technology and AI-driven tools, our platform empowers users to succeed in their language learning journey. Join us, and together let's unlock the full potential of language learning with Proseable.

TL;DR: Proseable has introduced three new features to enhance users' language learning experience: real-time vocabulary growth tracking for monitoring progress; a comprehensive leveling system with experience points across 20 language topics for increased engagement; and daily streaks to promote consistency and establish learning habits. These updates make the learning process more dynamic, enjoyable, and effective.