Proseable is a people-first product.

As your on-demand language learning tutor and conversation partner, Proseable is designed to get you feeling confident speaking off the app.

Explainer 101

We’re on a mission to make language learning both fun and functional for more real-world, human interaction.

Faculty of Language Learning

Emmerson, Joshua (CEO)

Gopaul, Nadia (CSO)

Gopaul, Roger (CCO)

Touch, Get in (XO)

Joshua Emmerson

Clubs: Chess, Model UN

Fav Subject: Physics

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.”
– Benjamin Lee Whorf

Nadia Gopaul

Clubs: Drama, Debate

Fav Subject: Philosophy

“A different language
is a different vision of life.”
– Federico Fellini

Roger Gopaul

Clubs: Photography, Band

Fav Subject: Fine Arts

“The limits of my language
mean the limits of my world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

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